siflogoInitiation of the project was based on the need to consolidate and represent angler’s viewpoint to state and local government structures. Achievements in this field have been reached with a help of the project as representatives of MOSP are actively participating in different councils, working groups led by Ministry of Agriculture and Ministry of Environmental Protection and Regional Development as well as have established active cooperation with local governments. The effectiveness and added value of this cooperation has proved therefore it will be continued also after the end of the project.

The objective of the project to raise capacities of MOSP members has been achieved – MOSP members have become more active and have raised their level of knowledge on legislative processes. Considerably more ngo’s , interest groups and private persons compared to the previous time few years ago took part during the public consultation process for latest legislation package on Rules for Angling in Territorial Waters of Republic of Latvia. Within the project new coalitions for different angling aspects formed comprising not only representatives of angler society but also state and local government level. Democratic formats of platform for communication – thematic seminars/competitions/meetings and information in home page were chosen to introduce to society , anglers and decision makers to different aspects, like latest situation in legislation processes, added value of participatory approach in legislation processes, best lessons for efficient and in the meantime sustainable use of environment and water resources, thus developing capacities and skills for civic activity in long term.

Evaluating results of the project it can be acknowledged that project activities have considerably contributed to raise anglers’ participation in legislation and political processes thus ensuring more transparent and well deliberated decisions.

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